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  1. 特别使用的工具站!与此同时我也在开发工具站,我的目标是与 @typ431127 一致的 那就是让国内更多的欧卡爱好者们更加的方便了解游戏数据!十分感谢!
  2. Hello, Administrator. I'm a Chinese truck driver player. I will abide by the rules of the game and create a good environment for the game. Thank you for stopping the bad behavior of the game in time.May we be friends?

    1. ItsCodyyTM


      Thank you for contacting Krewlex via his Forum Page! Currently he is a tad with his AMAZING live streams. If you would like to talk to him then catch him in his stream at https://twitch.tv/krewlex

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