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  1. TruckersFM most of the time.
  2. I normally drive slow enough so other trucks can overtake me without any difficulty anyway.
  3. I would like to see more roads and cities added to UK.
  4. TruckersMP has given me the chance to meet and drive with people from all over the world. I have been actively trucking on TruckersMP for over 2 years and hardly ever play single player anymore. The immersion TruckersMP offers is phenomenal and a truck load of fun!
  5. All my trucks are pink in different styles. I love pink its so bright and cheerful Will try to get some pictures when I'm playing to post.
  6. I just stick to having pink trucks. All my trucks are pink in different styles.
  7. I would prefer quieter roads over being rammed and insulted by those that only care about ruining the experience for other players.
  8. I drive as realistically as possible. I stick to speed limits and stop at every red light regardless of nobody being around or not.
  9. Since I drive the road limits I always get overtaken by trucks going so fast I don't need to slow down for them to pass me.
  10. If I reported every time I saw something like this I would use up all 10 of my report slots in a day speaking of which how long does it normally take for reports to get handled?
  11. thank you I have learned how to use geforce experience to record.
  12. I want to record my gameplay so I have evidence of rule breaking for reports as it happens a lot to me and my reports always run out after 10 minutes and I don't have the proof for web reports. I only know how to record video to my pc but if I did that my hard drive would die because of how big all the video files would be and I am sure people dont do this when they record their gameplay. what is the way people use to record their gameplay?
  13. I don't know somebody wouldn't have the DLC, its amazing. but yep +1 if its possible to do.
  14. I wish that when we report someone the video saves to our pc so we can add it to a web report because everyone I have reported never have any action taken on them I just get told in chat by the system no action was taken when they were clearly breaking rules.
  15. don't worry about it. I have had my fair share of stalkers (over steam mostly) there is no way they can get your address from an IP because they would need to get it from the ISP and the ISP will refuse to give such information to anyone except law enforcement. lost count the amount of times weirdos have said they will come to my house and never actually arrive
  16. I was once driving along and all of a sudden my truck just exploded and ended up on its side as I believe someone had just connected while driving on the same stretch of road as me and as a coincidence on the exact spot I was in. So another tip would be to stay in a non collision zone when connecting to avoid this issue as its unfair to the person on the road having to f7+enter and pay repairs.
  17. hello, I'm new to TruckersMP and I got a question before I begin playing multiplayer. I currently have mods for my singleplayer save and I am wondering what mods from the ones I use are supported by TruckersMP? or is it recommended to just disable them all and use a new clean save file for multiplayer? thanks.
  18. I obey all the laws of the road at all times. I find the game more fun when I have to pay attention to speed, etc.
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