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  1. [NL/GER] Levi

    Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned for speaking german.
  2. Sentiremos a sua falta :( 


  3. Sad to see you go ghadmeen :(  Drive safe <3 

  4. Quick photoshoot with the sexi admeens @DeviLee and @SuperMouse :kappa:





    1. SuperMouse


      OO Nice. How's that sexy guy in the right cop car? ;)

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  5. :mlg_doge: Title says enough.

    Quality is trash, rendered it in like 480P 1fps 

    1. CroTruckTMP


      Proof you cant drive

    2. Belarusian


      What @CroTruckTMP said^ :rolleyes:

    3. [VIVA] Kravatie [S64]

      [VIVA] Kravatie [S64]



      like your driving

  6. When you're trying to find a way around that massive C-D trafficjam...


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    2. [NL/GER] Levi

      [NL/GER] Levi

      Lets not talk about it Crotruck... :kappa:

    3. CroTruckTMP


      Let's talk about how you managed to flip a 18 wheeler with 3 trailers attached... :troll:

    4. [NL/GER] Levi

      [NL/GER] Levi

      Trailer Stability: ---[]---------------------------------------

      And i was doing like 35kph so idk why it even flipped :thinking:

  7. Happy birthday K0rn :D


    1. K0rnholio


      Thanks Levi :wub::tmp:

  8. Gefeliciteerd Frosty! 

    Nog veel mooie jaren te gaan :P 


    1. Frosty.


      Dank je wel! :)

  9. Driving with @Martin. doing some of the German trade connection jobs on Twitch!


  10. Driving in my stock R370, all the way from Palermo to Oslo. :D 



  11. [NL/GER] Levi

    weather changed by console

    Hello Le gamer, Yes you can change the weather in Multiplayer, because it is Client side. Use these commands: - g_set_weather 1 (for rain) - g_set_weather 0 (to clear the rain) Hoped this helped you!
  12. [NL/GER] Levi

    Getting jobs with double trailer outside Scandinavia

    You can actually pick up jobs with the "Single" Double trailer that I created, If you head over to the SCS files and then search for your double trailer, theres a Validation option that currently displays as 1. Change it to 0 and that should let you teleport it to any garage. Then to make it actually work with the Cargo Market, you need to replace the line directly under the main line of the trailer, with this line, so the game thinks you are using a Curtainsider. Copy these 2 lines into your game, make sure the brackets are correctly placed! - "/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/scs.box/chassis/ch_2a_bd.sii" - "/def/vehicle/trailer_owned/scs.box/body/curtain_78bd.sii" You do need some Save-editing expierence to do this... Then you will own a trailer like this!
  13. When they turn the winter mod off in January... 


  14. Hey Krew!


    You totally deserve it bud, been doing well on streaming and the Admeeen convoys! :)