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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. Happy Birthday! ??

  3. Personal experience is, that it takes around a week until a reaction to a report can be seen. Sometimes it takes less, but those cases are mostly a bit more simplistic, where the acceptance of those reports also varies. (Like how "Wrong lane" issues are being handled. It used to be a serious violation, nowadays none of the admins seem to care anymore...)
  4. Looking at the ETS/ATS Map status page, imagining I am driving with them, because I sit in the office right now and I can't get online... Oh well, a few hours more to go.

  5. Latest idea was good but it sure needs improvement: - Reduce lag because VoIP eats a lot of from bandwith - Make it possible to remap keys. This is a missing feature since ages and makes it a huge headache already. - VoIP should be made being to be turned off and on. - Radius for VoIP should be made to be defined. Just a few things which just came to my mind...
  6. Yeah, this issue has popped up recently again. Seems like since the last MOD update after some time jobs will simply disappear for me too, for both games. The one solution I use is editing the profile config file in my own profile directory (config.cfg) and look for the line of uset g_force_economy_reset "0" and set it to "1". (Of course the game mustn't running when you do this). When you enter the game your position will be reseted and your truck set back to your main home garage but will also re-enable the economy. Save your game afterwards, exit the game and set back the same line to "0" so the economy won't get reseted with each game start. I am not quite sure why this happens, but it has to do something with the synchronization of the time (game time) between hosting server and your game. This is not something serious, just something annoying. I can live with it, yet I would be happy if this issue would disappear. :-) See here as well: https://steamcommunity.com/app/227300/discussions/1/46476144700406967/
  7. I can confirm the issue. Since the latest update the servers will not allow to get connected as told: You are using an invalid client. This is the first time I am facing with this issue and I am playing the Multiplayer for a year by now.
  8. Behalf of night-time if you think about the fact, that the clock goes backwards when driving to west I would think it's not really a bug, but a temporary solution to the daytime-night-time issues. Of course the most ideal solution would be counting the differences between the time displayed and time used by the server in the background and apply timezones, as in real life, but I assume this needs a bit more work. I can confirm although the shaking accessories issue.
  9. Confirmed on my side too. Just updated to latest release yet this weird bug makes the whole game unplayable. It's damn hard to focus when the surrounding boosts into night time and back to day time...
  10. Dude, where is my truck?

    1. Spirit Omega Wolf

      Spirit Omega Wolf

      I stole it <O>_<O>

    2. norbert79


      It's ok, feel free :-)

  11. Can't wait grabbing Scandinavia DLC!

  12. Just a cool video with good advices on how to behave on the roads. Thank you for sharing this!
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