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  1. How to downgrade to supported version / Y U NO use search option
  2. How to downgrade to supported version
  3. Tried to restart economy?
  4. Try to change your truck from trucks manager and teleport to some garage before you click on Drive button - it may fix the save for you
  5. Fixed? (locked&mooved to Solved)
  6. that's your ingame ID from the Players near you list (mooved topic to Help section)
  7. Please, don't write in caps, post in proper section and check this topic, btw 1.16 is in beta stage
  8. 1)change truck from the company manager 2)fast travel to any garage
  9. (mooved to Help Section) There are some guides on Steam about setting up G27 - Check them out?
  10. Try this: Options>Graphics> set Scaling to lower, probably it will help you, BUT it won't completely solve it
  11. How many instaslled copies of the game do you have?
  12. a ) Send copy of your profile to your friend, use the copy when you drive together b ) Get jobs to/from cities which are near to each other like Köln/Duisburg/Düsselfdorf Wien/Bratislava or Calais/Dover etc. c ) Multiple jobs to same destination - e.g. you are in Paris, going to Warsaw but one of you has loads only to Berlin - Check if you have jobs from Berlin to Warsaw
  13. vanilla means clean game with no mods /you can listen radios through the media player or directly from the radio's site
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