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  1. Happy Birthday! 🎂

  2. with mod in folder i get "game crash" and without mod i play normal, without game crash
  3. DrewK

    Happy Birthday ??

  4. Happy birthday ??

  5. Happy birthday ! ❤️


  6. Happy Birthday^^

  7. Happy birthday! :thisisfine:

  8. When i open a log spawning file, I noticed that 90% of the names written on the Chinese language. A recording on the right writes a normal name, I do not know whether this is a bug or not, and whether this is still someone happens but I find it strange. It's started to happen after the last update. I can send a screenshot of the video log spawning someone admin so be compared whether this be so or not
  9. Ivke

    Reverse lights

    i cant see the pictures, but my friends (more of them) cant see my reverse lights but the reverse sound is there, and that problem they have only in my presence, while the normally sue them (hear the other normal and see lights normally)
  10. I have a problem from yesterday with reverse lights, that goes back to my truck and I see the lights and hear the sound and my friends can not see the lights and hear the sound that does not stop even when the throw from the reverse speed. I tried to reinstall MP patch (without winter mode) but it did not solve the problem and do not know what else to try, I even went to verify integrity of game cache on ets2 on steam but it did not help, and it only happens when I stop in place (in service or on pumps). Sorry for my english
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