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  1. That's good - probably your game crashed because of all the people in the area
  2. fast travel in single player - so the game engine will reload the map and economy and etc.
  3. Seems like that's the syncronised weather (being tested)
  4. 1)do you crash in single player too 2)before pressing "Drive" button, fast-travel to garage - check if you'll crash again
  5. I believe only things which you can trade are shown in the inventorty / about selling, you'll never be able to find your own item - they got sold to random person for the price you labeled and its same way with buying - you buy the product at the fixed price, but from random seller
  6. Checked game cache? (Properties>Local Files tab>Verify integrity of game cache)
  7. (mooved to help section)
  8. FirestarteR93

    error help

    locked/mooved to Solved
  9. FirestarteR93

    error help

    Settings>>Enable winter mod
  10. FirestarteR93

    error help

    Winter mod has almost no daylight (and in Russian: Зимний мод не имеет никакого дневного света)
  11. lil suggestion: Lets make a video examples/guide - it'll be lot easier to explain(even for people who don't speak English)
  12. no, your pirated one isn't problem, Try this, if you started new profile, play in single player untill you buy your own truck (because of the server's forced gametime, you'll be always late if you are doing quick jobs)
  13. 2nd from bottom up on the picture - "temporary 1_15_01 -1.15.1 for incompatiable mods"
  14. Check this topic, also use correct format, if you reinstall it, the snow will become only rain (locked&movoed to Help>>Solved)
  15. select "temporary_1_15_01 = 1.15.01 for incompatiable mods"
  16. probably someone connected to server on same place where you parked = makes you part of ETS2MP's space program
  17. same as fast-travelling and resting
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