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  1. Good evening everyone,

    How has your day been?? 


  2. Good Morning Everyone

    How are we all this morning? 



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      Morning  ❤️ 

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      Good morning nice photo. Doing alright at min just waiting for dinner.

  3. In my opinion, and don't get me wrong. but this suggestion and additional suggestions seem pointless, you cant close C-D road as the GPS takes you another route and will always get congested that way instead, and also they've made Duinsburg a NCZ for the reason of how badly traffic was. Also: Speed bumps? This is madness to even suggest this. Still keeping it friendly, sadly this isnt a good idea altogether,
  4. I personally want to see an estate version and also more beacons, you?
  5. Bro! Renault Magnum looks like a Cheesecake gone wrong when the batter comes out thicker than its needed. Seriously, I would rather be hit by a IVECO Truck than the Magnum!
  6. Can't wait to see the VW Estate in the game, should become more perm though
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