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  1. Announcement.

    Today, September 8th 2022 at 18:31 BST, we at long last, say rest in peace to the longest serving monarchy in UK history; Queen Elizabeth the second.

    As a mark of respect, our drivers convoy tomorrow, will have 2 minutes of silence at the start, and end.

    Additionally as another mark of respect for her majesty, we will be hosting an additional public event this November, with further details to be confirmed, within the next 24 hours.

    We, at Movezen would like to thank her majesty for over eight decades of monarchy, and.. may she rest in peace.


    Leadership Team

    Movezen Logistiek | Moving anything, anywhere!


  2. Movezen Logistiek

    Bored of trucking alone on ETS2 or ATS? Join Movezen and try a completely unique, new experience. Movezen Logistiek is a unique VTC which was founded to bring a new light into how virtual trucking is perceived today. Since opening in late 2021, we have our own Drivershub, custom mods, driver ranks/rewards, 350+ Discord members, real-life trucking company and more! We are a verified  VTC on the TruckersMP network, and continue to build our VTC and real-life trucking company based on what our community, drivers and staff want. We’re unrivalled with any competitor. Why not become part of Movezen and continue to build something special with us, we’ll make your time on the road more exciting. Learn more, or apply on our website below!

    Join us:

    • Must be aged 13 years or older
    • Own a legal copy of ETS2 or ATS
    • Speak English
    • Use the official player-tag and vehicle livery during events (Movezen Log. or similar)


    • Website: https://movezenlogistiek.co.uk/
    • TruckersMP: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/movezen
    • Discord: https://discord.gg/P5XgRpj37Kspacer.png

  3. Hey guys,


    Are you looking for a VTC that has polite, professional and caring staff? Where all you need to do is 3 jobs within 3 months, that's legit only 1 job a month,


    We are currently hiring drivers and multiple staff positions are available including External ones if you are already part of a VTC.


    Being part of our team means

    You are looked after, kept up to date on dedicated channels on TruckersMP news, ProMods and even SCS Software updates.


    Active logs of your jobs via VTLOG and hopefully soon our own custom tracker and drivers hub (Delayed due to personal issues by our Dev)


    Profiles made up for you for Normal and ProMods.


    Drivers have a chance to rank up every 6 months in performance reviews held by either Founder, CEO, COO or even a General Manager 


    Note: I am COO | GM of the VTC.


    If you feel like applying please do.

    And join the love on Discord ?IMG_20211101_112135_394.jpg.60534833d9170938f8b6c861bb4952fc.jpg

  4. Good evening everyone,

    How has your day been?? 


  5. Good Morning Everyone

    How are we all this morning? 



    1. TheBear1


      Morning  ❤️ 

    2. FourP.


      Good morning ?

    3. Arcticwolfs


      Good morning nice photo. Doing alright at min just waiting for dinner.

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