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  1. Never playing, without TWITCH being streaming... this goes for both ATS and ETS2 really..... not so much for evidense though :P.... unless someone REALLY is a donkey of the year...
  2. I'll add my own input to the subject, via linking to my own thoughts on it, BEFORE knowing about this thread.. (Search DID come up empty, so made a new one... Linked thread, is LOCKED, but works as referral.) An API reporting system, is REALLY needed.... ESPECIALLY, since people have to know what info to get, where, and be quick about it, in order to make a web-based report viable.... (Talking steam id here...) Ya, most know allready.... i, personally, only learned today, thankgs to google, and youtube :S .... that's simply not good enough... a reply i was writing to the thread above, (while it was beaing locked up), was about that subject of API solutions, AND.... general game use information :S Sure, i can look through hours of streams... find the donkey, and learn that my evidence, has NADA value, without the Steam ID...... NOT attacking admins..... but, apparently, a LOT more admins, are needed.
  3. Well, my humble, non-technical brain, suggests that it might actually be possible to anchor up server side messages with an API. API is allready being used on: https://traffic.krashnz.com/ https://ets2map.com/ I am by NO means a techie, nor do i claim to know how API's work, and don´t work, but if it should be doable, i bet that is the way to go ? I do like the idea, however, as allready mentioned, any player spending more than 12 hours on EU2, WILL know about those tightly congested areas allready. Also, how should the message be delivered ? Splashscreen message ? .... Chat message ? ... there pro's and con's for both really... +1 though, because i really DO like the idea ^^
  4. Politics, are for politicians.... *WE* as a community, with a common goal and interest, dun really need to have a reason, nor an argument, as to what happens up there in the ranks of the *"elite" ..... we ALL, have our difficulties with government...... But here we are... driving along shoulder by shoulder as the people, oppinions and beleiefs we are.... Lets KEEP it that way...... RL politics RARELY resembles the views of the one individual..... so shut the skittle up, keep driving, and be who you are.... regardless of border or language -,-
  5. Which, i'm VERY aware of It's their misuse, and the following issues, im suggesting a solution to.... if even possible :S
  6. Well, was an idea none the less LOL ... Would hope there's a HP pool of some sort, or even a severity-monitor that could be implied on those, (most often), pesky things o.o
  7. Suggestion Name: Squishy cars Suggestion Description: Would be nice, if the game actually reflected the real world 2-ton car vs 30 ton truck scenario. As it is today, in MP, a car slams into a truck, wrecking it up to 100% and then scoots off, unscathed... IF it is possible, changing the damage values on a car, could change this, so a car IS wrecked upon impact. Naturally, there are some situations, a car would survive... like strafing the side, or lightly bumped. But head-on colissions and intentional ramming, that causes the trucks to fly off the road, SHOULD mean a really dead and useless car. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: The "squishy cars" addin, could help people think a little more about what theyre doing, while going 100+ km/h Trolls, wouldnt have an allmighty weapon to use... Would be WAY more realistic and help increase the sense of actual driving.
  8. Here's my little toy that i'm driving on MP Engine: D2676 353 480 HP (352 Kw) 2300 nm at 1000-1400 RPM Transmission: Allison 4500R 6 speed Retarder Ratios 4.70-0.67 Torque 2.42
  9. Crashing on EU2 like mad.... But on EU1, i have ZERO issues.... Screencap of error: Image on Gyazo Attached: crash.log To be attached: log_spawning file..... im prohibited to upload both due to max file size :S crash.log log_spawning_17.04.2017 - Copy.rar
  10. Had my go on the EU2 server..... quite fun really o.O A few, did a "WTF" after i made a "brake'n break" in a cornoer.... but i, peronnaly, din get a bump or notch o,O Seems the server is unstable though.... Seems, the general consensus, is that keyb driving, is more the norm really.... will keep mah info there though... as that, beforementioned warning :S Sadly, i do not have periphials like a controller :S ... had a G27 once, but... sold it, as i din relly feel i had a need for it anyhow..... and then, a month later i run into ETS -,-
  11. Heh, i did try and mouse around in singleplayer mode.... not sure, if i'll EVER get a repair bill that large again O.o I DO feel quite confident using WASD for steering... Though, im staying on EU1 untill i have a wallet that can cover the repairbills... (yeah, ive seen the videos from that server... EEEEEK O.O ) As fer G29 ... shouldnt be too long before i have that beauty .... but untill then... Well... "Keyb. driver" it will say in the tag-bar...
  12. So, im one of these here keyboard drivers... yeah, dislike me all ye want, i still love driving around and about ♥ I have decided to change my tag to read "TP TransLogics - Keyb. Driver", so that people know, that i AM somewhat handicapped in terms of ultra-fina ajustments to direction... Aka, i want to warn people before they go nuts :S Things i noticed that im having issues with, when running keyboard... 1: I cannot type anything, unless i want my truck to do all kinds of weird things... (In the ingame chat ofc...) 2: Breaking.... i DO break VERY hard, even though the settings are at their lowest.... This CAN cause some interesting un-intentional fenderbenders :S 3: Steering... Having a choice of either a fast responding steering, or a slow one, i chose the semi-fast one. (set at app 45%). Makes cornering less of a hassle, but... going straight, CAN be a bit of an issue :S These things considered.... I personally find, that adding that info in my tag, is needed to warn people around me, to keep an extra centimeter of distance, unless they find my driving to be perfectly fine... How usefull is it though, for you, the other drivers ? :S
  13. Mighty wierd..... Either, yer FULL and stuffed with malware and other nasty stuff on yer PC, that slows it down.... Can be something as simple, as an update running in the background.... I have the exact same CPU as you.... and WAY older hardware in general, and im running 50-60 FPS at a steady level o.O With "old" i mean GTX 580 (8 GB RAM) GPU and, 8 GB RAM on the motherboard.... And yeah, the I7-2600.... which, is still packing quite a punch With me running specs THIS low, compared to your's, AND... running in max settings... i can only guess, something is happening, locally, on yer computer :S :'(
  14. SO.... i didn't really make certain, i had mah name made out just as i wanted :S Was SUPPOSED to be "Tina Cille Pedersen" .... all capital letters in the beginning of mah names.... and NOT "Tina Cille pedersen" ... Tried changing it, but tells me, that the name allready exists :S *duh* .... Can an admin sneak in, and do a capital change ? heh : )
  15. WHAA.... Brilliant!! THE info, i was looking for.... at which, i might have been illusive in my eager to make this work :S Thanks a billion!! This, needs adding to the "informations" threads though LOL.... simple guide, as to how to work the UI in general :S BUT... whole diff subject : )... as for now, the case of UI interaction, has been solved :9 . Thaaaaanks : )
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