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  1. hi everybody , with the event going on i need to deliver cargo from switserland to 10 different countrys , now either external or normall cargo i cant get more countrys then Italy , France and germany (got like 1 austria) every other country refuses to be put on my job list , how did you guys manage to get all countrys? do you use a program that you can pick what begin country and end country you have ?
  2. hi guys , with the (in my eyes amazing looking) new paint jobs in the Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack i was wondering if other people can see them if they don't have the pack themselfs or do you just look like a blank truck with no paintjobs or anything on it ?
  3. always nice to see a fellow renault driver especially between all the scania's and volvo's
  4. well reinstalling speditor seemed to work thanks alot
  5. Hi everybody , i'm trying to use speditor but whenever i wanne load my profile in it , it just says Decoding save file and it just stays there nothing more nothing less , i use quicksave so i save my game , then go to Users/Documents/ets2/profiles/Profile i playwith/save/quicksave so i don't think i do anything wrong here , i hope you guys can help me with this
  6. this is one update i'm looking forward to for sure , as i player that needs to use speditor atm using the Heavy Cargo DLC stuff being able to own one of those trailers so i don't need speditor anymore , sure hope the update comes here soon xD
  7. man , if only they do this in ETS , i love driving around with these loads but you barely see them for short to normall distances
  8. amazing news to hear , i can't wait to jump back into TMP and ride around with other people
  9. hi guys , for some reason when i wanne launch ets2 it gives me the options on how to launch it then the screen pops up that it's launching and that's pretty much it , game just stops . is there a fix for this ?
  10. yes i did , thanks to everybody for the help
  11. i used to enable V-sync but the moment i got ingame i got back to my 30 fps
  12. tbh just low FPS , i sometimes get a massive fps drop (from my usual to 1 fps in a millisecond)
  13. Hi , i have a problem with my fps , i have a PC that should be able to run this game with no problems at all . But whenever i'm in my cabin i can be happy to get 30+ FPS and outside view i can be happy to get 40+ FPS . Are there any setting i could change to fix this ? Operating system : Windows 10 CPU : Intel Core i7 7700 Ram:16 GB Motherboard: ASUSTeK Prime H270-Plus Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  14. Hi guys/girls , i'v been seeing quite the amount of triple trailers on the road , is this some mod or something ? ifso where can i find this one ?
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