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  1. Hello everybody , i tend to drive small distances (max around 2houres away) but i'v been enjoying ETS2 again lately and had the idea to begin in england and take on the longest distance there is from that city (so could be 18h drive or longer) but ofcourse i wanne do this in style (wich i have none off xD) so i would like to ask you guys to give me some inspiration on how to costumize a truck (i'm driving a DAF with the DAF paint on both truck and trailer) and ofcourse if you'd see me passing by give a honk so i'll get to see something xD
  2. Hi everybody , i'm looking for some inspiration for my DAF since i'm absolutly garbage if it comes to costumizing my truck , i would love it if you people show your DAF so i can see what looks good and what doesn't
  3. I have a little suggestion while the event is going on , as many of you people know tommorow is Brussels turn and we all know it's gonne be absolute chaos , i noticed the admins doing a great job kicking people at the city's where the event is going on atm . But perhaps the admins could hop in theire police car and maybe some volunteers (in pilot cars) to control the traffic a bit cause what i learned is that everybody blocks everybody and nobody gives way to make it go smoother
  4. Pmuecke

    FPS problems

    yes i did , thanks to everybody for the help
  5. Pmuecke

    FPS problems

    i used to enable V-sync but the moment i got ingame i got back to my 30 fps
  6. Pmuecke

    FPS problems

    tbh just low FPS , i sometimes get a massive fps drop (from my usual to 1 fps in a millisecond)
  7. Pmuecke

    FPS problems

    Hi , i have a problem with my fps , i have a PC that should be able to run this game with no problems at all . But whenever i'm in my cabin i can be happy to get 30+ FPS and outside view i can be happy to get 40+ FPS . Are there any setting i could change to fix this ? Operating system : Windows 10 CPU : Intel Core i7 7700 Ram:16 GB Motherboard: ASUSTeK Prime H270-Plus Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti
  8. I am one of those drivers that keepsto all traffic rules , i stop at red lights do speed limits etc. i would play on EU1 but sadly enough that server is barely populated so i tend to stick in EU3 (More realistic drivers then EU1 but way less idiots then on EU2) , i bought a truck simulator to simulate being a trucker (eventho i'm a trucker IRL :p ) , not to race if i wanted that i'd get forza or something . As for people going over 100 , i do feel bothered about them but won't rly say much unless they are bothering others or myself
  9. Hi guys/girls , i'v been seeing quite the amount of triple trailers on the road , is this some mod or something ? ifso where can i find this one ?
  10. i tried 2 jobs in EU2 , never again... , job was a 17houre drive , when i got at my 2hour left i got rammed an flipped so yeh forced to f7 and cancel the job :/ , second time pretty much the same , quess i'll be going to EU3 now xD
  11. it's been my second time even trying to deliver one of these in EU3 , everytime i manage to go till 2h from the 17h i had to drive , some jerk rams me and flips me over or get's me stuck wich forces me to f7 wich cancels my job
  12. if i had the money , defo .
  13. Pmuecke

    HCT allowed ?

    Hi , i'v been loving the HCT quite alot and was wondering if i can go outside of finland with them ? (and if i'll be able to find jobs in other country's for it ) ifso what country's am i allowed to drive trough ?
  14. Pmuecke

    NO HCT jobs

    i got every HCT trailer of my own , i'll see if by unlocking more cities will improve the chance
  15. Pmuecke

    NO HCT jobs

    I have around 3 city's discovered in finland so i decided to get the others driving around with the HCT's , but in the 3 days i managed to have 1 job , is this a problem or something ? , it's pretty poop that you can't get a job when you try all the different trailers in the city's you have
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