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  1. hi guys , with the (in my eyes amazing looking) new paint jobs in the Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack i was wondering if other people can see them if they don't have the pack themselfs or do you just look like a blank truck with no paintjobs or anything on it ?
  2. always nice to see a fellow renault driver especially between all the scania's and volvo's
  3. well reinstalling speditor seemed to work thanks alot
  4. Hi everybody , i'm trying to use speditor but whenever i wanne load my profile in it , it just says Decoding save file and it just stays there nothing more nothing less , i use quicksave so i save my game , then go to Users/Documents/ets2/profiles/Profile i playwith/save/quicksave so i don't think i do anything wrong here , i hope you guys can help me with this
  5. when people think it's a racing game , the game is called eurotruck SIMULATOR so i feel like it should be played like a sim. not like a race game
  6. this is one update i'm looking forward to for sure , as i player that needs to use speditor atm using the Heavy Cargo DLC stuff being able to own one of those trailers so i don't need speditor anymore , sure hope the update comes here soon xD
  7. both of my scania's have this paintjob and color
  8. man , if only they do this in ETS , i love driving around with these loads but you barely see them for short to normall distances
  9. i'd wanne try the triple trailer but i'll prop be more of a trouble then anything else , i barely am able to drive with 2 trailers let alone 3 xD
  10. i used to drive scania but with the volvo dlc i'm driving volvo due to it looking better with the lights etc
  11. If it's at a light with XXX and only one way people can come trough i most likely not stop exept when there are people there , if it's at any other place with lights i always stop
  12. my favorite speed ? the speed the game tells you to go ..
  13. ah yeah , then it's pretty easy to get em , i used to get my jobs like that aswell , but i hate going in and out the game non-stop
  14. oh yeah those still excist , i was hauling them non stop when it came out , but now i barely see them or they are trips that take way to long (from england to russia)
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