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  1. Pmuecke

    What's your dream car?

    if i had the money , defo .
  2. Pmuecke

    HCT allowed ?

    Hi , i'v been loving the HCT quite alot and was wondering if i can go outside of finland with them ? (and if i'll be able to find jobs in other country's for it ) ifso what country's am i allowed to drive trough ?
  3. Pmuecke

    NO HCT jobs

    i got every HCT trailer of my own , i'll see if by unlocking more cities will improve the chance
  4. Pmuecke

    NO HCT jobs

    I have around 3 city's discovered in finland so i decided to get the others driving around with the HCT's , but in the 3 days i managed to have 1 job , is this a problem or something ? , it's pretty poop that you can't get a job when you try all the different trailers in the city's you have
  5. Pmuecke

    Encountering or following and HCT

    Hello my lovely fellow truckers, i'v been driving the HCT trailers for quite a bit now and i'v come across some people who honk quite a bit , so for the people who encounter or follow me (or perhaps all HCT) , we need more space when making a turn so pleas when you see an HCT coming stay a bit away from the stopline at the light or intersection so we are not in your way and you are not in ours , and if you follow and HCT we don't pull up as fast as we can so don't honk when we don't move as fast as you want + if we turn a corner that is tight (i'v seen some yes) i always take it slowly so i don't damage my cargo and earn that sweet sweet moneyz i hope you understand this and for my typo's sorry english isn't my first language
  6. Pmuecke

    Driving an HCT

    is there a way i can see if i have steerable wheels up ? , i'm using the 4+2+4 axles , are the steerable axles the ones in yellow ?
  7. Pmuecke

    Driving an HCT

    I had my first try driving one of those HCT because once i'm done with the event i'll prop gonne be unlocking the ''beyond the baltic'' cities using one of those but howly poop those things are huge , is there a guide somewhere on how i can safely drive those things , cause i don't wanne block people in MP
  8. Pmuecke

    No event jobs

    Hi , when i try and look for the event jobs there are none , normall jobs yes but no event jobs , is there an update i have to download or something ?
  9. Pmuecke

    Costume trailer

    With update 1.32 i'm curious how good people have made theire trailer fit theire truck , if you want post a picture of it over here
  10. Pmuecke

    [GIVEAWAY] 4x £25 Steam Giftcards

    let's see if lady luck is with me on this one xD , Good luck everybody
  11. Pmuecke

    What song are you currently listening to?

  12. Pmuecke

    What song are you currently listening to?

    been listening to this for quite a while in loop
  13. Pmuecke

    Concerns regarding the Special Transport DLC

    Hi i got 2 small questions (propably very noob questions xD) 1)I'm doing the achievements for the DLC right now and the only job i need to do are the stairs but for some reason that is the only job that won't show up in my list, do i need to be at a specific place or something ? 2) i'v driven both the 6x4 and the 8x4 with the large silo both some route and i don't rly feel any difference between them , is there any reason to pick one over the other ?
  14. Hi , with every DLC i always tend to change some stuff on my truck , now i'm curious to see your trucks you haul the special transport with.
  15. Pmuecke

    Post your new Scania photos

    Sadly enough you can't put anything from the mighty griffin pack on the new scania's (atleast it won't for me) My S 730