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  1. mp is not letting me online it keep saying i have a dlc that is not owned or some bs but i payed for all my dlc and just updated my game today is this some new
  2. hey you just ben me 


    1. Erkz


      check my post and appearl please 


    2. Suleyman.53


      as @Yop. said.


      if you do not know how to make a ban appeal, please see this guide:



  3. Erkz

    to clear the air

    ok good advice stilldre
  4. Erkz

    to clear the air

    This is to clear the air between me and texas i made this video before really thinking about this but here it is one first of all i did not ask anyone to do anything for me but when they get bugged too by you people saying stuff and doing stuff it would bug anyone and considering that taxes started this forum thing i would like to finish or at less say my peace,,, i never wanted it to get this deep that's why i said nothing the lest time you was around plus you kept on coming back like you wanted to get teased by someone and someone did only cuz you keep on feeding the fire in other words and whats this about a real man,, i did sit here and cry about it here on forums or wanted to call someone personally to by mean about a mistake that happened cuz someone didn't follow the rules about tailgating but anyways im say this and this only i am done,,,,,,,, https://db.tt/7kplqvjY3S,,,,, https://youtu.be/DV0aIk43Yxs
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