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  1. Frohe Weihnachten 🎁🎄



    Merry Christmas 🎁🎄


  2. to be honest.. i never use it either. except for yesterday when i was doing one or two jobs for the christmas event, because on that server, the area you get teleported to wasn't as packed as it was on sim 1... other than that i find sim 2 boring and stupid at the same time because you rarely see people coming by... or when i do.. they be flying by in lightspeed or something, and thats crap [Just my opinion]
  3. My brain was like: "ooh, christmas event is finally live.... lets goooo!!"... 10 minutes later i teleported into the event area and BOOOOM, my jaw dropped because -OBVIOUSLY- everybody had the same idea 😂

    Just honking and pushing and damage and whatever lol..

    I wonder when they learn that HONKING doesnt make it go faster 🥴

    I logged out again hahahahaha... 😬


    BUT! The trailers look really nice and cute this year 🥰


    EDIT: I did some contracts offline and some on Sim 2 .. that kinda works lol

  4. Halloween event done.. now i can relax again, hahahaha :mlg_doge:

    Sadly don't have the balkans DLC, so cant do that next 😑

    1. RedNub


      Congrats! 🙂 We can look foraward for another events in Christmas! ❤️


    2. [GER] DahakaRising
  5. Moving into a new apartment - CHECK
    Finally having internet after somewhat 2 1/2 weeks - CHECK


    Now I just need to find the motivation (and time, thanks to work) to play games, lol.

    BUT anyhow...

    Hiiii! I'm -kinda- back! 🤪

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