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  1. The funny thing is that when people say they're truly "sorry", I feel that they might be lying or perhaps saying that as an excuse to get away with it. If they're being honest and caring, then they'll learn from their mistakes and not cause any trouble in the future. Nothing wrong with that. But if they're just incompetent, they'll just cause mayhem again and continue where they left off. That was what I experienced when one of those players I reported commented on one of my video reports via YouTube. They claimed that they didn't mean to cut me off on a highway, when my video report clearly showed that they were.
  2. So ever since coming back and playing this mp mod, I've reported 4 players successfully and they all got banned for reasons like reckless driving, ramming, and driving the wrong way. That was probably the most I have reported in a week. I figured I'd ask this question out: What is the most amount of players you have reported in a week/month? Obviously, I'm not asking in a year because I don't know who would keep track of reported players to get them banned at that time span (unless if you happen to, then feel free to prove me wrong).
  3. I think one of the logical answers to that question is that those "people" treat ETS 2 like it's a typical racing game, when it's clearly not. I wish they would go away for good, but as much as I hate to say it, that's not going to happen.
  4. That depends on the situation. If it was a minor accident, it's not a big deal. But if it's a straight up collusion, a ban will be waiting.
  5. If it was not on purpose or intentional, I'll probably take the apology. If it was a completely different story like seeing the player(s) go full speed and have myself as the target, no second chance there. A guaranteed ban.
  6. That's quite uncommon for me to see people driving in the wrong direction in the UK. But at least he drove back to the right side of the road.
  7. @Mileskingman If you happened to submit a report for a specific reason, they you wait until your report gets either accepted or declined. If it's accepted, then you have successfully got the accuser banned. If not, then better luck next time.
  8. Just make sure to have any video or more to backup your report. While a screenshot is normally good, videos are even better because the incident or such can be clear to watch visually. And thanks to the two with useful tips, good luck!
  9. Do I click on "Open Support Ticket"? I have recorded 2 separate videos with Fraps showing 2 people trying to ram me off the road and blocking me from a toll booth and I want to report these two. Any help would be appreciated!
  10. That was my experience too when I came back to playing MP not too long ago. My guess could be the number of garage companies you own probably.
  11. Dang, I almost forgot that you can also take screenshots with Fraps, I did not know that! But I marked it as the best answer, all good here. This thread can be locked up if unwanted spam comes.
  12. But here's the thing. If you read that I'm running Fraps, the Steam overlay would not be there, which explains why I can't take a screenshot. Without Fraps running, the Steam overlay will be there for me. I am sorry if you had to take it a bit harsh. And as you may know, Fraps is an essential program for me to record someone doing something wrong and send a report on the website, only to find out that taking a screenshot is not worth doing.
  13. So I'm running Fraps, a recording program in case if I ever need to record a player caught doing bad things. However, with Fraps running and TruckersMP also running at the same time, the use of the Steam overlay is disabled, in which I can't use the overlay to take screenshots, etc. Then Print Screen on the keyboard came up as an alternative way to take screenshots. I took one in-game, but I don't know where is that screenshot saved to. The question is: Where are screenshots saved to if you pressed on the Print Screen button on the keyboard in-game? I'm sorry if this is a bit confusing.
  14. The Steam Community In-Game is all enabled and such. But it turns out that running MP as Administrator fixed the problem. Now I can see the Steam Overlay. All good!
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