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  1. Just a quick status update


    I'd like to say a massive well done to the Clara's Dream team for the amazing convoy that they put on and the crazy amount they raised!!!


    Well done to everyone involved!

  2. Hey all, Just wondering what’s your least used truck addon, mine personally is the michelin man. Happy Trucking!!
  3. Personally I use Manual as I have a shifter; however, if I’m not in the mood and just want to sit back and relax then I use automatic with the option to change to manual if needed
  4. I remember first joining the TMP community as a player, my first impressions were really good as I was met by friendly staff members who we’re always willing to help out and still are - HAPPY TRUCKING
  5. From the real ops that I’ve attended I’ve really enjoyed it and look forward to participating in further operations :))
  6. Congrats❤️

    1. smackywacky_


      Thank you! - HAPPY TRUCKING

  7. Welcome in the truckersmp Team! ❤🥂

    1. smackywacky_


      Thank you!!


  8. Congrats. cool person

    1. smackywacky_
    2. -RiPuZ- Style

      -RiPuZ- Style

      For you good luck.

  9. Personally i believe i am a good driver; however, i don't follow the traffic light rules in game unless i meet another truck at an intersection.
  10. I would say that Iveco is the least used truck for me and just in general. I don't see very many if any on the roads of TMP
  11. I currently use the Logitech G920 and have done for the past 2 years - i'v never has any issues with it. Hope this helps - Happy Trucking
  12. By looking at your post it seems that you think this is more of a single player mess around place. I think you should read the rules thoroughly before going back on the servers.
  13. smackywacky_


    You won't fond AI vehicles in TMP unfortunately - I don't think there are plans for this either.
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