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  1. I quite like the Italy area to be totally honest with you due to the scenery in that area
  2. Simulation 1 is usually one of the busiest servers therefore players that don't want to be around loads of players maybe due to low end PC's they will go to other servers such as our Sim 2 or Arcade which is quieter. - Hope this helps
  3. Really nice drive last night with @RB1988 and a few others (Photo credit to RB1988)



    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      The picture taken by RB is very good,beautiful picture!:love::wub:

  4. Really nice addition - I'm looking forward to using it later
  5. Good luck to all of the participants - I shall see you there
  6. Hey there, I would class myself as a fast driver but also a safe driver; if i feel the need to follow the speed limits for example in highly populated areas then i will do as required
  7. Hey there, James in the post above this post has given a good reply, there is a forum post you can see here and also the rules in James's post above
  8. I don't have a photo of my truck; however, i use the 'SUNRISE' Paint Job with Black and white, i think it looks quite nice to be honest
  9. This is a development issue, when you're driving in the car it sounds absolutely fine but it's once another player is in it and passes you.
  10. smackywacky_

    Entire Map

    I think this is quite a good idea but the chance of it actually happening is very slim; Good idea though
  11. Hey there, When the new gen came out i used to drive it all the time; however i prefer the old gen as i feel it handles better for me and also i just generally like it for the way it looks
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