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  1. Over the past years, some of my family members have been faced with cancer. Luckily, they all survived it. I'm supporting research for cancer because, as you know, this is a very cruel disease. The following is an event to support KiKa, a Dutch charity that funds research for childhood cancer: 



    I will support them by being present on the event, and possibly donating to them.


    Feel free to show presence at their event :) I hope to see you there ❤️ 

    1. Shayrin


      Initially, I'm really happy to hear that your family survived. ❤️ 
      I've lost my uncle by cancer and now, It's really sweet and great to read or hear some one beat the god damn cancer. 
      Secondly, I would be happy to support this wonderful event. Hope to see all children and people who have cancer get their health back. 

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