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  1. This means that you're not allowed to overtake on that road
  2. Michel3951


    This is caused when you have a slow internet connection.
  3. Bans are in given in UTC timezone so that's why it takes longer
  4. Hi, Did you know that admins have a life besides helping people on the forums, going through reports and do admin stuff in-game? Reports can take a long time to get accepted, Admins get thousands of reports each day. And they try their best to go through all of them. Just wait, they all will be claimed soon.
  5. Bans are given in UTC time so that's why it can take longer
  6. Hi, If you start up the installer there should be a message that asks whether you would like to install ETS, ATS or both.
  7. Bans are in UTC time so that's why it takes longer
  8. Hi, Go to your account > profile and click the pencil icon, there you can edit it, it should be somewhere on the bottem
  9. Michel3951

    Ban Expires

    Bans are in UTC time so that's why it takes longer
  10. In the multiplayer the game has to render each truck, this leads to low FPS.
  11. Submit a ticket at https://support.truckersmp.com/
  12. Hi, Press TAB > Gear Icon > Turn season effects off
  13. Ban times are on UTC time so that's why it took longer
  14. Hi, what sort of internet connection are you using? if you're using wireless, check if your drivers are up-to-date. And maybe there could be an program running in the background that uses much internet. Start taskmanager to check this. If you still have the same problem, could you send me a PM with your PC specs and your OS?
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