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  1. after a long time



  2. Dogukan Orakçı

    How has TruckersMP impacted your life?

    I have a very interesting addiction to motor vehicles so I love this game
  3. Dogukan Orakçı

    Most populated road/ place?

    Hello Scotttyyyj, Duisburg-Calais It may be a nice option for you
  4. @YunusD kardeşim ile yolda karşılaştık.. ;)

    "The brother is a unique friend in the world."



  5. Dogukan Orakçı

    [FORUM GAME] Do you know the person above you?

    unfortunately do not know who
  6. Good Morning Forum



    1. xGorkem-


      Heeey!! Good morning.

    2. GöЯKeM 23

      GöЯKeM 23

      good morning 

  7. Dogukan Orakçı

    TR Plaka nasil yapilir

    Bende merak ediyordum bunu iyi oldu öğrendiğim teşekkürler
  8. Thank you for following

  9. Dogukan Orakçı

    Where are you guys from?

    I'm from Turkey
  10. Dogukan Orakçı

    What's your dream car?

    I want to buy Mercedes cla 200 amg edition
  11. Dogukan Orakçı

    Why every person should have a pet?

    Yes you are so right. Sometimes pets can be a better friend than people, my roommate name : Tarçın