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  1. I don't think they add more cars, basically because the game is set in other types of vehicles, but it would still be interesting because of the variety of being able to drive various types of vehicles. But for that you have many car driving games
  2. There are still cities to be updated and after the iberia dlc they will surely release other dlcs, it would be good if they added countries like Bosnia, Croatia, etc.
  3. It is the same that happens on the C-D highway, people like to go where there is more agglomeration of people
  4. No, it is a tool which facilitates people who cannot use programs to record because of their limited computer and with this tool they can report and be reviewed
  5. For experienced drivers it is better to assign expensive trucks, but for novices cheap trucks are better because you have no experience
  6. It would be a good thing for the game, there would be more variety of trucks
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