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E-Mail Notification for Recruitment


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Suggestion Name: 
Mail Notification for Recruitment


Suggestion Description:
A button which will change an option in a SQL Column to which will allow or disallow to receive a mail when a recruitment for a specific role is planned. It look kinda like a newsletter.


Any example images: 


Why should it be added?:

  • Positive:
    • The most important communications are given by mail, whatever the company. In a study case in 2015, a few analysts have done a statistic about

      Email engagement. They concluded that 52% have opened and read carefully a mail. With also 22% who read a mail quickly. So we can deduce that most of mails are opened even if it's a study from 2015 and not 2020. We can also deduce that if an user has pushed the button, it means that he want to receive mail and conclude that he will read it.

    • It won't be hard to "create" this "system" ( I'd prefer to use the term: addon lol )

    • There will have a minority ( it's better than nothing ) some new motivated elements and will "facilitate" the choice of manager by getting if he clicked on the button. Because if an user want to get a mail for future recruitment for a specific role, it means that he want to be among the first users to apply, to get his chance and so he want this mail for information for him to being ready when it will be open.

    • If there is an analysis in background, it can be also used by Service Data & Analyst to get important numbers for analysis or others about who clicked on the button "Keep me posted".

    • User has the choice, then he won't get an email without his own action and agreement

  • Negative:

    • Of course, creating a suggestion without saying negative "dot" isn't a real suggestion. There is one ( or more but don't getting others when I'm writting it ) and can be really annoying for managers and maybe users. If there is this option, I think it will adduce some new applicants as I think this option will solve some problems, but will create this one. It will adduce more works for managers and also more delay for users. That can be annoying.



Keep in note that it will be possible that I edit this topic if I've more inspiration to get more chances for this suggestion to be accepted. Thank you for your time to this suggestion.

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