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+1 Reputation for Best Answer

Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07

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Guest [VLC Transport]Sbinotto07

Suggestion Name: +1 Reputation for Best Answer

Suggestion Description:+1 Reputation point when our post marked as best answer.

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?:If someone marked your post as best answer,it means you helped them.I think it's a reason of reputation

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  • Community Manager



After a discussion with a Support Manager, we have come to the decision to reject this.

Your suggestion technically does give you a "reward" as if you're in the Help section, it does show next to your badge how many Community Answers you have given (and have been marked as Best answer).


You can also view this on your profile:




Kind regards,


Community Manager

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TruckersMP Community Manager



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