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VTC Player Search box on ETS2Map


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Suggestion Name: VTC player search box on ETS2Map


Suggestion Description: 

I'd like to see a new Search box on ETS2Map website:https://ets2map.com/. After entering the name or id of a given VTC, we can see list the players available on the map.*

*Of course, if a company has hidden members (option Display Members), it will not be possible to search for people from a given VTC in this search box.



Any example images: 



Why should it be added?: 

In my opinion the ETS2Map map is very popular. Thanks to this option, all people using the map will gain:


The possibilities quickly find members from a given VTC on the ETS2Map.
The ability to see how many VTC people are currently on the servers.

It's quickly possible to check where the players from different VTCs are - useful as an additional option in managing big convoys.

All options available search in one place. It is not necessary to open multiple tabs in the browser.


Increasing visibility and interest in the VTC system

Additionally, thanks to the new search box, some players will find out that there is such a thing as VTC. For example: they can think: "What is a VTC?". And therefore they can start looking information about VTC. Perhaps they will join to any VTC or create own their VTC. They're probably just going a more active in the TruckersMP in the future.

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