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My Suggestion is an Application Cooldown



My Suggestion is that we put a cooldown on people to keep them from going from one VTC to the next in a matter of minuets.



This add on should be added for these reasons.


We all have members who hop from one VTC to the next, sometimes more than 1 a day. My thought is this, is there a way to make a cooldown to where people can't just hop from one VTC to the next in a matter of minuets. Make it so that people have a 24 hour or more cooldown before they can even put an application in to join another VTC. It would be a help due to the fact people aren't just goin to hop around lookin for people to play/chat with then hop to another when everyone else is done and goes to do real life stuff. I have seen it happen in with a few people lately and I don't know if this is a new thing where they just hop around to troll or to get info for the next one or their own or whatever.

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