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    To add in race miles or not, that is the question ?
  2. I also have seen these trolls in action on a couple of peoples streams, they will get in the middle of and continue to do this stuff to these streamers. I know one streamer who has reported over and over about 1 of the trolls, and if I am correct isn't there a rule against Trolling/Grieving, if I am wrong please correct me and accept my deepest apologies.
  3. I am curious as to how people go about completing the map. Do you do it in single player where you can drive however you want ? Did you open it up taking loads from town to town slow and exploring it as you go to see all that each country has to offer ? I am currently at a little over 50% and I have done both, I am kind of liking the exploration of each country, it may be a bit slower but you get to take your time and see your surroundings. What's your ideas on it ?
  4. Currently I have 250 and still buying garages and adding more.
  5. I have well over garages all fully updated most of them full of 5 trucks, 5 drivers and some of them have trailers as well, in total I have 250+ drivers filling the garages I have. If you want billions in the game, fill up several garages and fast travel between garages, the further the distance the more money you get.
  6. I like all the DLC's so far, each one has it's own unique views and scenery which make driving across the entire map so fun, plus exploring new areas as well is great to see all the things each country has to offer and all.
  7. This is a game, we all have our own ideas as to what a honk in the game means. I personally think it's ok to honk saying hello, I also get on the cb if I see someone pulled over to make sure they are ok, did it in real life, why not here. I don't think any more or less of someone that don't honk back. In the states you can honk your horn and not get punishment unless it is posted and I have never seen that, air breaks I have, but not honking your horn. Again, this is just my thoughts.
  8. To add to what has already been stated. You can put 5 trucks in a large garage and hire 5 drivers to start making you money. The more garages you own the more trucks and drivers you can have in them to make more money. Also you can buy several trucks you want to drive and put them in any garage you want, you can also buy trailers and put them in a garage for you or your hired drivers to use. You also as stated above get discounts on the price of fuel, I believe it is 15% off, I am not 100% sure about that but I do believe it is close to that.
  9. Personally I try and stop at all of them, the only way you don't have to is in a convoy from what I understand. However it is good practice to stop at them so no issues can come from it in the future.
  10. I don't drive all that fast anyhow, between 50mph-60mph. If someone is in a hurry with a load I will slow down more, move over a little and let them pass. I would rather do all that than have someone following to close and not be able to stop if I do. That way no accidents and everyone is happy.
  11. I use the Volvo FH16 8x4, it pulls pretty well although, the Scania, Man, and Mercedes all pull pretty well also. I for one am willing to try all the trucks just to see which ones just can't handle it and which ones can. Then it's a matter of which one does it well and how does it handle.
  12. I truly hope this is a truck they are going to implement in the next patch, I think it will be an awesome edition to my garage of personal trucks that my 200plus employees don't touch.
  13. I feel with all the DLC's you can definitely go further and make much better money. Plus the scenery is different in most of the DLC's.
  14. Have the DLC, I really like the blimp hanging from the header, I was running the fuel max tires, but now I run different ones unless the fuel max really does give you better fuel mileage.
  15. Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Man. My 4 favorite trucks as of right now, I own one of each and they all have there ups and downs.
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