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No g_developer in config



I Heard that you can use Freecam [cam 0] in ets 2 for reporting players if someone crashes into you and tries to run away you can see what is his id.


And now i try to get access to it but when i try to go to config.cfg in ets 2 documents folder there is no  g_developer , and now im trying the eurotruck > profiles > cfg but theres still no  g_developer command. [but there is no g_deve... either]


Can someone help me?


If you need the cfg file just say.


btw theres also no fly speed or console idk why console but someone said to set it to 1.


Sorry for my bad English bc im from Poland.

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You've been strucked by




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Hi @szywert98,


You should search for the config.cfg file in C:\Users\******\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or American Truck Simulator and I recommend to download a file editor, such as Notepad++. To be sure, try to use the phrase "developer" while searching. 


Once you saved this file and restared your game you should be able to use the Freecam.


Let us know if this helped,


Kind Regards,


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