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Unreliable connection error + crash



So yesterday i experienced the Unreliable connection error and i fixed it by waiting 1 minute before clicking drive, today when i tried to play everything worked(12-16 in my time zone (poland)) but now when i do this 1 minute waiting trick when loading the loading bar stops almost at the end and i get the [An application fatal error! Do you want to send crash.log file to developers?] also there is the screen shot of error https://prnt.sc/t3tqho


Also i get the connection breaked reconnecting massage on chat . idk how to call it [my screen shot software cant create screen shot of game]


Things i tried:

Not using the wait trick

Trying to go into SP (it worked but what can i do in it its boring xd)

Not using wifi (i plugged my network with usb cable bc its wireless only but if i plug in usb cable it acs like ethernet)

Checking intergity files or something in steam? (idk how do you type this in english bc i have pl version of steam) [it did not find anything]

rebooting pc

i tried several times and its only showing the fatal error

changing profiles and saves

Using other posts


One thing that i did not try is FULLY reinstalling truckersmp.


Also when trying to restart game is shows Attention game crash detected or something idk 


EDIT:Forgot to say that this happened in ets2.


EDIT2:Added thing to Things what i tried


\/\/\/\/\/ There are Crash logs \/\/\/\/\/



Sorry for bad English im from Poland.


You've been hit by,

You've been strucked by




My profile [yes fun]

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