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Unreliable connection Error (sloved)



Today i wanted to play Truckersmp (ets 2) and i played it everything was working fine, after 1 hour my game crashed and now when i start truckers mp in game it shows unreliable connection error.

I tried using administrator mode,uninstall,pc reboot?

I also tried without admin but without it show same error but after 2 secounds game crashes with FATAL ERROR.



Sorry for my bad English im from Poland and this is probably my first post there.



(sloved) Waited 1 minute instead of instant clickind drive then it will work

You've been hit by,

You've been strucked by




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Hello there!

First of all, this is not a bug or an issue with the mod. This is a user side problem which has to do with the internet connection issues such as packet loss, packet corruption or bad network bandwidth.


This is a feature that was added to avoid collision crashes due to internet connection lag and avoid people getting banned as it looked like they had NCZ hack but in fact they had bad connection with the server.


Possible Solutions:

There isn't any specific fix which will fix the problem instantly, but there are couple common fixes which could help avoid getting kicked.


>Avoid spawning in a city with lots of players (Duisburg / Calais / Brussels ...), spawn in a city where there are few players.

>Avoid using Wi-Fi. LAN cables are always better.

>Avoid uploading or downloading and playing MP at the same time.

>Avoid doing Windows Updates at the same time.

>Avoid having too many users or devices at the same time into your network.
>Avoid using streaming services at the same time.

>Check your firewall settings into your router/switch.

>Prefer using servers nearest to your location.

>Try to talk with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if you can come up with a solution. Ask your ISP if they support internet profiles such as Fast path or Interleave and ask for Interleave. Interleave will raise your ping but it will do more packet checks by your ISP.

Kind Regards
Sabbi [GER]
TruckersMP Support

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