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Disconnect command

diZZy [CZ]

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Suggestion Name: Disconnect command

Suggestion Description: Create a command to disconnect from a multiplayer game, but not from the game itself

Any example images: Norrfood

Why should it be added?:

When I drive with a double trailer, sometimes there are companies, where need to be parked (reversing) from the main street (like Norrfood). And unfortunately, some drivers are impatient and they start to overtake me over the sidewalk etc. And then the situation becomes a dangerous. If I have an external contract, I can end and restart the game as a single player and finish the job. But when I have a contract generated in the game, I lose it.


If there was a command, that I could switch to offline mode. I could finish the job, end the game and then eventually start again and continue playing, without a tense situation on both sides.

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