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  1. Vše nej pane 🙂

  2. You say absolutely right @Μatt... a migthy DAF and of course old 105XF.
  3. We already have many topics with photos of trucks, trailers, etc. But American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 (including ProMods and others maps mods) offers a lot of beautiful places on the map. So, here is the place for your shots (without trucks) of the beautiful landscapes, landmarks, industrial zones, etc... Same valley in Bulgaria: and Scandinavia: ...I hope this topic catches your eye
  4. I just read your post about disconnecting the game and it was accepted, but ... what is the command to disconnect ??? and where do i type this ???

    1. diZZy [CZ]

      diZZy [CZ]



      my disconnect command was only accepted. Now developers need to integrate it, into one of the next updates. And when that happens, my post will move from "Accepted" to subforum "Done".

      So, for now, there is no such command...

      Regards, diZZy

    2. Mineiro Uai

      Mineiro Uai

      T u.
      Have a nice week and more good ideas.

  5. I had no idea that there was a contract over 4000km. A new challenge for me, thanks @MarkON
  6. I also tried to find the longest external contract. And my longest external cargo been from: - Cargotras Palermo to Fintyre Tampere (3.803km) And because this topic has been here several times, I know that someone, has driven an even longer contract. But I don't remember where to and how many kilometers. Anyway, it's been a trip for the whole afternoon. And it was a challenge
  7. If you don't have this line, write it there uset g_simple_parking_doubles "0" But do not look for this line in the base config.cfg in the ...Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2, but in your profile folder ...\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\"number of your profile"\config.cfg
  8. Suggestion Name: Disconnect command Suggestion Description: Create a command to disconnect from a multiplayer game, but not from the game itself Any example images: Norrfood Why should it be added?: When I drive with a double trailer, sometimes there are companies, where need to be parked (reversing) from the main street (like Norrfood). And unfortunately, some drivers are impatient and they start to overtake me over the sidewalk etc. And then the situation becomes a dangerous. If I have an external contract, I can end and restart the game as a single player and finish the job. But when I have a contract generated in the game, I lose it. If there was a command, that I could switch to offline mode. I could finish the job, end the game and then eventually start again and continue playing, without a tense situation on both sides.
  9. Hi, I have set parking difficulty to skilled, so I don't know if it's always the third option. But, have you changed line uset g_simple_parking_doubles "1" to uset g_simple_parking_doubles "0" in config.cfg?
  10. What a quick response from the admins:

    Two minutes reaction...



    36 minutes reaction...



    Nice & thanks for your jobs @MattTM, @Killua // Ireland ^_^

    1. Μatt


      My pleasure @diZZy [CZ]! We appreciate your reports ❤️

  11. Vše nej k narozkám, pane...

  12. Zdravím, jelikož většinou jezdím sám, tak mám trochu obavu abych na své cestě vůbec někoho potkal Každopádně spojení s ProMods vítám a doufám, že vše bude fungovat jak má.
  13. New old Mercedes MP3 with container trailer.
  14. Gratulace k pozici.

    A kam až to chceš dotáhnout, jaký máš cíl :) 

    1. Dominik [SK]

      Dominik [SK]

      Ďakujem, cieľ . Uvidíš :D 

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