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Problem with DLC Force Of Nature Paint Jobs on Multiplayer


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As the title say's,i just bought this DLC called " Force Of Nature Paint Jobs ",and while playing with friend who's a youtube streamer,i saw on he's monitor that i have No Paint Job on my truck,i saw a ugly green,when i had the lightning bolt. I tried even restarting the game and does not work at all,only i can see it.Why ?

I wanna buy more Paint Jobs in future for my trucks,but if no one (except me) can see it,then whats the point of buying them ? On Counter Strike Global Offensive,i buy even 400e gloves,but EVERYONE can see them,i taught is the same here...

Can someone tell me if i did something wrong ? Or if it works or not,because the internet doesnt give a 100% answer.

Thank you all,and wish a nice day to everyone

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Guest The Englishman

If the other person can’t see your “custom” paint job then he won’t own the required dlc  Those whom don’t own paint jobs dlc’s will just see a random generic colour instead. Only those that own the dlc will see that you have it too. 


Hope that clears everything up 🙂




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28 minutes ago, piftie said:

Como o título diz, acabei de comprar este DLC chamado "Force Of Nature Paint Jobs" e, enquanto brincava com um amigo que é um streamer no youtube, vi no monitor dele que não tenho No Paint Job no caminhão, vi um verde feio, quando eu tive o raio. Eu tentei até reiniciar o jogo e não funciona, apenas eu posso vê-lo.

Eu quero comprar mais trabalhos de pintura no futuro para meus caminhões, mas se ninguém (exceto eu) pode vê-lo, então qual é o sentido de comprá-los? No Counter Strike Global Offensive, eu compro até luvas 400e, mas TODOS podem vê-las, eu ensinei o mesmo aqui ...

Alguém pode me dizer se fiz algo errado? Ou se funciona ou não, porque a internet não dá uma resposta 100%.

Obrigado a todos e desejo um bom dia a todos

verdade. fico triste ao ver que não posso ver as de mais dlcs. isso sem contar que as estradas no modo multplayer  são monótonas pois não ha veículos como modo off. sem contar que se eu não tenho a dlc que o outro possui fica feio. sinceramente muito triste ao ver um jogo de tal potencia se brutalizado com poucos recursos no multplayer.    

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Anyway's,thx for the prompt answer . I was thinking that is a bug or something...

From my point of view,is very bad for ETS (financially speaking) to not make the skins Viewable for everyone,buyers and non buyers. I like Paints,change's the game a bit making it more colorfull as well and tons of $ (millions) for the developers. I would pay more in future for those paints,but now i m not even considering it to buy anymore,just to see only 5-10 persons ?Definitely NOT.I will continue buying Only those country's bundles/expansions,and i hope they will do something in future about those paint jobs,i would really like to spend some $ on those .

I was not exactly comparing,i was just giving them as an example.In order to break ETS servers for paint jobs,you need to be quite a hacker,besides 3-6 employes could create something exactly for those type of things to not happen,a strong firewall etc They loose so much $,is a shame,and they should also write under or above the PAINT JOBS on steam market ( glad i didnt spent more $ ) that the people who will see that custom paint job will be only the ones that payed for the same paint job.I didnt know that no one will see,except the ones who bought same paint job,until after i bought it and played with some friends,and they laughed,cause i said i have a nice paint job,and when i saw that ugly piece of s..t Dirty Green colour  ughh.

Again thank you all for the answers,and i wish you all the best !Someone can close this topic now. Nice day/night to you all !


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In order to have low latency, the ones that can see your paint job are the ones that own that DLC. I would also love people to see my paint job although they don't own the DLC but TMP says that this would create high ping while loading the paint job. This is also why we don't have company skins in multiplayer.

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I have a older then 5 years pc,and all settings on ultra high 1920x1080,i would not mind at all to leave it on 1920x1080 on medium/lower settings with a bad image quality on paint jobs(but recognasible).We are almost in 2020 who doesnt own 500€ to buy a at least decent pc to go up to 60fps? 

 And btw,last night,i had 2 major bugs,speed limit to all drivers,not just me 90km/h ( 600hp)and others have 110km/h (with less then 600hp) the second is when you call service and you see a blue screen,and you need to restart the game (happened 4-5 times last night,and to my friends as well).

And i think that with money earned from paint jobs,they could have make e anticheat ( against paint jobs generators/speed limits etc)program running in background while playing on multiplayer,and hire as well some game testers before release to public on there own money.

Wish you all a nice day 

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Hi Piftie,


it seems you mix up some things in your postings - maybe some points for you to consider


- this TruckersMP multiplayer is not from the developers of the game itself and the official paint jobs (SCS) - so buying the paint jobs is originally meant for the usage in the original singleplayer game

- TMP is made by a marvelous bunch of people doing this in their free time after RL duties

- you limited to 90 km/h and others not means most probably that you took a World of trucks job and others not. World of trucks jobs are always limited to 90 km/h - other jobs are limited by the server to 110 km/h

- the service call (F7) issue is known already and worked on

- so for your last sentence - the money earned from paintjobs goes to SCS not to TMP


Maybe this helps a bit to get an idea about the environment you're speaking about.


Have a great day

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Hi Piftie 


Those bugs you listed are already known and developers are trying to fix them

About speed limit on 110kmh  hp doesn't have anything with speed al trucks are limited on 110kmh maybe you were driving external contracts so your truck could go only 90 kmh 

Money earned from selling paintjobs is not going to tmp because tmp is not a mod from SCS and all money from dlcs are going to SCS

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