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Remove promods 2 server

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Suggestion Name: Remove promods 2 server


Suggestion Description: The promods servers are currently losing so many players this month. As of right now the sim 1 server has 3900 players and sim 2 1100. Promods server only has 1850 players. Promods 2 has 120 players (which is much less during non peak times). Almost a 3:1 player ratio between the 2 servers with sim 1 and 2 combined.


Any example images: N/A


Why should it be added?: It's useless to keep a server which is almost dead up. There's no entertainment in playing on a server with 120 players. It's like playing singleplayer with ai traffic disabled. Promods 1 could reach over 2000 players easily at peak times or even other times if that server was removed. When promods was very alive in multiplayer it made sense to have more servers but not anymore. US server should be removed too because it actually is dead with only 5 players at most but is at 0 most of the time it seems.


Edit: They actually went through with my suggestion and promods 1 is the only server available now! Thanks for doing it TMP, I've never had a suggestion accepted before and this was definitely needed because the extra servers split the playerbase apart.

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Hello @dragonslayingmaster1000,


At first, thank you for your suggestion!
At the time when you created this thread, ProMods servers were still quite new and thus, we did not want to take an action that early. But I can ensure you we have been monitoring all the game servers and their activity since launching ProMods, and thinking about the best possible configuration. With recent events such as SCS Software releasing the new DLC or running the World of Trucks Christmas event, we noticed that the demand for ProMods is a bit lower. Therefore, we created a new Simulation server. And that is why we temporarily removed the ProMods 2 server.


In the next days we will continue observing the activity on other game servers and where needed, we will take an action.

And since your suggestion has been included in our plans, I am accepting it.

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