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truckersmp with vr


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ive driving with a vr headset in ets2 and been driving in truckersmp for a while and i like it but it would be awsome to play truckersmp with vr seing other players in their trucks driving past one and move you head around in the truck and be able to play with you friends in desktop and i have also a video i found on yt that can show you it 

 im not that good at explaining things but i hope people like my idea  have a nice day people :)

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Hello Jeppe. While we are happy to receive new ideas, support for VR is not supported at the moment and there's no sight that it will be supported anytime soon, as you can see in this response to a question:

Your suggestion also figures in the frequently suggested things thread (it's at the very bottom of it). For these reasons I am rejecting your suggestion, I hope you can understand it. We know that this has been suggested already, if we ever get to be able to implement it, we will for sure announce it publicly, so it's unlikely that you will miss it out ;)


Asides, let me tell you that you didn't follow the mandatory suggestion format. If you ever elaborate a suggestion again, please, make sure to follow it, as not doing so would suppose the rejection of it within 3 days without it even being reviewed. Also, don't hesitate to send me a private message if you have any other question, my inbox is always open!


Kind regards,

en_field, TruckersMP Community Moderator.

Usually findable between Western Germany and Denmark.


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