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  1. ive driving with a vr headset in ets2 and been driving in truckersmp for a while and i like it but it would be awsome to play truckersmp with vr seing other players in their trucks driving past one and move you head around in the truck and be able to play with you friends in desktop and i have also a video i found on yt that can show you it im not that good at explaining things but i hope people like my idea have a nice day people
  2. i have a vr headset and i play warry much ets2 with it and i like it and i became a little sad with it didnt work for truckersmp cause i know people like trucking in truckersmp and for vr users it will be a bit better cause they are sitting in a real truck and if players drive by it would just feel awsome idk how to explain it all well i did what i could rn i having problems with expaining things if you creaters of truckersmp thinks is a good idea and you need a vr users help let me know i would be glad to help
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