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[OUTDATED] Forum Warning System - (01/09/2019).


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The Forum Warning System has been moved onto our official set of rules, therefore this post is now going to be archived.



§4.5 - Forum Punishments System

  • The first 2 offenses result in verbal warnings applied using the Direct Messages system, with no additional restrictions.
  • The 3rd offense results in 1 warning point being applied to your account, with no additional restrictions unless deemed necessary.
  • The 4th offense results in 1 warning point with 7 days of content moderation.
  • The 5th offense results in 1 warning point with 14 days of content restriction.
  • The 6th offense results in 1 warning point with permanent content restriction.

Some offenses may only result in your content being hidden/removed, without any warnings applied. It is up to the Community Moderator's discretion to determine what punishment is appropriate in a given situation.


Content moderation - During a given time period all your posts/comments are put under review by a moderator, before being officially published.


Content restriction - During a given time period you are restricted from posting any content on the forum. This restriction may be permanent.


The Community Moderation Management reserve the right to apply more severe restrictions or remove your access to the forum at any time, if they deem it necessary. This can also be done by Community Moderators with Management approval.


Kind regards, 


TruckersMP Senior Community Moderation Manager


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