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Rafaum Deejay

Add Status Highlight to Profile

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  • Suggestion Name:  Add Status Highlight to Profile
  • Suggestion Description:  By adding this option, the person will have the option to highlight any status of their profile. It will make it easier for anyone who accesses your profile, and can already see the best status of your profile.


               1. instead of Featured Status, it can be by newly posted Status.

               2. If possible, have both options, then we can choose if we want to show some specific photo that we will choose within the status or status highlight recently released.

  • Why should it be added?:  Because if you just posted a status, and you are commenting on or reacting to a topic, the status is swallowed by the timeline. It would also be interesting to be able to highlight some Status on the profile.



  • Examples by images:



  • Would have an option to change if you have both option. It may be within profile settings, if it is better. I put there just for example:





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