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Trans-Europ n.v. Belgium

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Trans-Europ N.V. Belgium
We Make It Transpossible

Are you looking for a active and serious VTC, then this is the place!
We originally started on the 6th of may 2019 with just a little amount of drivers, after months have passed we are now with 39 members in the VTC.

If you join what will we give you?
A strong and dedicated team

A full support from all the members

Youre own choice if you want to play multiplayer or singeplayer
All the room you need to become a better driver
Convoys with the whole VTC!
Lots of fun!

What we expect?
That you will follow the standard rules from TruckersMP,
That you are 15 years or older,
 That you will be nice to the others drivers on the road,
No abusive language,
During delivery max 90km/u,
Using 'Trans-Europ BE/NL' ingame clan tag,
Driving in company colours/skin,
Choose from Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Daf & MAN

You will need to speak Dutch in order to be able to join

If you want more information about us you can find it down below


if you've got interested please do no hesitate to leave something down below or to contact us on our website ,steam RSCA_1908

RSCA_1908 [BE] CEO-owner
Joris92 [BE] COO-manager
Peetjuh [BE]COO-manager
Jeroen93 [BE] COL-representative
FrikandelXXLNL [NL-BE] Technical service

Wim Afschrift [BE]
Frans-dg [BE]
jeroen31 [BE]
Kimtje15 [BE]
Dennis Bruggen aka clowntje bassie [NL]
NRw_300 [NL]
Patje1962 [BE]
Sven201521 [BE]
Marco123 [BE]
de_yake [BE]
Julio [BE]
Dsturbed [BE]
[MG] Milan [NL]
Kevin_duck [NL]
Ramon Beem, van [NL]
xPandaBeertjuh [NL]

Thijs Olievier [BE]
Hiywaytrucker [NL]
Vlaamse trucker [BE]
fffe1 [BE]
Ehlias [BE]
Milo665 [BE]
Deanzwuup [NL]
Kagewandara [BE]
Luc67 [BE]
Bethrezan [BE]
Lars Keulen [BE]
Cr0sses [NL]
MartijnHerbots [BE]
Poar||Neem’N [BE]
imRPR [BE]
hanze91 [BE]
AdmiringBear [BE]


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