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  1. Is this random start/stop system of the engine sound fixed now then?
  2. Trans-Europ n.v 1st anniversary! Trans-Europ n.v. 1st anniversary is upon us. And we would like to invite you all to join at our Event! We hope that you'll all join us to celebrate our 1st anniversary! Details of the event: ETS2c Link: https://ets2c.com/view/85037/viva-nl-steco-calais-sea-port Route: Parking Slots: Together, we make it transpossible
  3. Update new members BEtrucker04 [BE] iTsKeviin [NL] Jonas18122002 [BE] lollgamerrr [BE] aaron reichert [BE] Kenneth Wieder [BE] RUBBER_DUCKY [BE] partyprins [BE] Gijsb03 [NL] joachimTB [BE] proske be [BE] niels lannoye [BE] moreels3 [BE] Jos Dalton [NL] Timety [NL] Arnaud D.C. [BE] bastiaan [NL]
  4. New members since August Deanzwuup [NL] Kagewandara [BE] Luc67 [BE] Bethrezan [BE] Lars Keulen [BE] Cr0sses [NL] MartijnHerbots [BE] Poar||Neem’N [BE] imRPR [BE] hanze91 [BE] AdmiringBear [BE]
  5. Hallo goedemorgen, ik heb een paar vraagjes, ik heb eergisteren mijn vtc gepost op dit forum in de gewone sectie engelstalig en in de dutch/flemisch sectie, maar er staat nog bij pending approval? Ook heb ik de vtc ingeschreven op tmp en ik denk dat we nu ondertussen in orde zijn voor verificatie? Nu is mijn vraag moet ik voor deze 2 zaken ergens iets speciaal bij iemand aanvragen of komt het gewoon vanzelf of word ik op verwittigd als er toch iets niet klopt ofzo? Ik weet wel ivm die forumposts dat ikzelf maar 5 posts heb op dit forum hoewel ik al lid ben van januari 2015 ik weet niet of dit een echt probleem is?
    Dan heb ik nog 1 laatste vraag  op mijn profiel op het forum staat nog bij VTC: NVO maar dat klopt niet meer omdat ik nu ook eigen VTC heb maar ik kan dat nergens veranderen of ik vind het in elk geval niet :) alvast bedankt :) Grtz

    1. Arradin


      Hello @RSCA_1908


      Please do not Contact staff members direct on the forums if you have issues or feedback.

      If you have a problem with anything, i suggest you make a support ticket - But as this is tied to feedback about ongoing VTC Report you can Contact management via feedback ticket here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback   


      We ask you to be patient when waiting for a reply either to feedback ticker or VTC request. Everyone do this on their free time, and a reply may therefor sometimes take some time.


      Thank you for understand


      // Arradin

      Community Moderator



      // Locked

  6. Trans-Europ N.V. Belgium We Make It Transpossible Are you looking for a active and serious VTC, then this is the place! We originally started on the 6th of may 2019 with just a little amount of drivers, after months have passed we are now with 41 members in the VTC. If you join what will we give you? A strong and dedicated team A full support from all the members Youre own choice if you want to play multiplayer or singeplayer All the room you need to become a better driver Convoys with the whole VTC! Lots of fun! What we expect? That you will follow
  7. Thank you that was the solution. Uninstalling the game now i can go back on the road:d
  8. I have the same problem, tried everything even put antivirus off and firewall, doesnt help witch me but when i play sp, i only can play at 64bit, if i play normal ets then it crashes:s maybe that has something to do with it?
  9. I can't play mp, i downloaded it en when i start up it says: "Unsuported game version detected! to play ets2mp you need to have ETS2 1.17.1s (I have that one)" and when i push no then it says "Could not inject dll into the game process. Please try launching the game again(did that several times) If this problem still occurs, please try reinstalling the mod(did that several times) In my steam properties of ets i put everyting normal so no more beta
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