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Reports not viewed after half a week.



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Generally, you can see reports taking up to 2 weeks to be answered. 


There are a few factors which you must consider when waiting for reports to be answered.

  • TMP is completely run by volunteers, this means GMs are not online 24/7
  • The reporting system is based on first in first out. Meaning your reports are added to the back of the queue.
  • If you have made a report in a different language, that needs to be translated first.

Expecting a reply in a few days is not realistic, please be patient while the GMs get to your report. The appropriate action will be taken at some point, so don't worry, your report WILL be dealt with.


Additionally, f you really are unsatisfied with the turn around rate of the reports being dealt with, then I suggest that you create a feedback ticket.

You can do this at https://truckersmp.com/feedback. Remember, when making a feedback ticket you should always include details. EG, Explain the reasons why you're making the ticket, Explain how it affects you as a player, and suggest how the problem could be solved.


Hopefully, this provides more insight for you and you find this answer helpful.


All the best!

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