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Mods probably don't work



The mods I put as active in ETS2 SP have an exclamation mark in TruckersMP.


I put the mods in folders:

...\Documents\Euro Truck SImulator 2\mod

...\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mods




Sorry if this is just a normal thing that has been asked a lot of times, but please tell me what's the cause.









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As mentioned previously most mobs do not work on MP.


However, if you are trying to use a mod which changes the trailer skin (to say a block colour) then follow the below steps:
-Get said trailer (or similar) from single player

-Create a save once trailer is attached

-Load up multiplayer

-Click on profile with the mod on

-You will be prompted to click on a save game. Click the one that you have just made and click continue (The game won't recognize the mod but it's still there) 

-Load into the game normally and you should have the trailer (or similar).


This should only work for allowed mods such as trailer colours.   

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You cannot use almost any mod in multiplayer...


I suggest you to read this



Basically only allowed changes are allowed via save editing in singleplayer and than to use that truck / profile in MP... You cannot use sound mods, graphics mods (only SweetFX & Reshade) map mods and many others....

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The best job is one you can play The Witcher 3 in - click

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