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How can I resolve that problem?



Hello, I'm new in Trucker MP. I decided to play 'cause I love trucks.


When I installed the game, I did the steps to play online, but I got the news that I can't because I have the last version and the MP is in the previous version. I know that I have to wait a little bit, but I cannot jaja.


I decided to prove the Beta like there are in the forum [guides]. I did it and, when I was gonna try it, the game gave an error: "The game filesystem..." and something else, buy I don't remember exactly.


So, the question is, do you know how I can resolve that problem, that I don't have to wait?

Hello, I'm a new trucker. I'm learnig about this comunity 'cause I don't know almost anything. My native language is spanish, but I can write and speak english too. Not as a native man but I trye.

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Hello There!


We are glad to hear that the problem has been solved!
Thanks for all participation!
Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need any help in the future.


[TR] SkortiL
TruckersMP Support


//Locked and moved to Solved Topics 


SkortiL [TR] 


Create a Support Ticket / TruckersMP Rules / Feedback / Guides / Meet the Team


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