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RevGaming Logo


Are you looking to join a great VTC that offers Discord Nitro as a reward?

Are you also looking to join a no stress, no requirements VTC?


Then RevGaming is the number 1 VTC for YOU.

After launching recently, we have many staff opportunities including convoy control and driver manager; do you want to fill this roles? Why not apply today!

However, if you’re interested in doing lots of miles, then we also cater for that too!

We use Trucksbook, meaning there’s a competitive aspect to being here too. We would love to be within the top ranks in the UK and I’m sure you would be too.

So if you’re a serious driver, you’re also welcome here! But we are still a No stress, No Targets VTC so you will never be pressured to do anything.

What makes us stand out?

• We offer Discord Nitro or ETS2 / ATS DLCs as a reward

• We don’t have a monthly requirement.

• We have weekly convoys, no DLC needed.

• We have custom paintjobs and skins


Right now, Applications are open and we can't wait to welcome new Drivers in our Company and on our Discord Server


For more information, please visit our Homepage https://revgaming.co.uk/,

our VTC on the TruckersMP website https://truckersmp.com/vtc/757,

or our Trucksbook page https://trucksbook.eu/company/41122


If you have any questions left, please feel free to ask them here or contact us on Discord (Geo#1111 or Linciano#9362)

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Good Afternoon!


We are happy to announce our next official convoy on American Truck Simulator!


Date: 28th June 2019

Time: 21:00 BST

Start: Los Angeles, California

Destination: Redding, California

Distance: approx. 552 miles



Interested in joining our little Odyssey?

Then apply on Trucksbook and join the fun :D


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Another week of daily convoys comes to an end.

Today's ATS convoy was so much fun, Thank you to everyone who joined :wub:


Do you want to join our No Requirements VTC and take part in our daily convoys for ATS (and ETS2)

We would be happy to accept your application on Trucksbook and the TruckersMP Website!




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Hello there :D

Sadly, today we had to drop our daily convoys, but we will continue to host four convoys per week, two on ETS2 and two on ATS.

Hope to see you guys there :wub:




Do you want to become a part of our friendly community and drive with us in the weekly convoys?

Then apply on Trucksbook and on the new VTC System on the TruckersMP Homepage.

Here you can find our Website: https://revgaming.co.uk/

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