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Read this topic:

There you will find a lot of useful information and possible solutions to your problem.


MarkON (player-Veteran Driver)

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Hi @Grundii


Yes the problem has been fixed for the logging in issue, not sure what fixed it but had to wait a while again until i could log in. One further question. I have completed a job but its saying im late even though im going fast and making it on time? also there are no more jobs after i complete it in the "quick job" menu.

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Hello @Catnipseverbean,


Below you'll find all the solutions in order to fix your economy and get new jobs:

a) You should try to rescue to service F7 + Enter (this sometimes resets your economy).
b) You should try to sleep (only a temporary fix, but is not guaranteed to fix the economy).
c) You should teleport to another garage.
d) Economy reset. This solution will reset and repopulate your jobs list/freight market and return you to your home garage.


Below there are two examples of how to do it:
1) Go to My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles or My Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles and find your profile - if you only have one profile it'll be the only one, otherwise, you'll have to work out which one you want.
2) Open the config_local.cfg the profile folder in your text editor of choice (e.g. notepad).
3) Look for the line uset g_force_economy_reset "0" - change the 0 to a 1 and save the file.
4) Start TruckersMP and load your profile. You should receive a message saying "Game change detected", etc. Your economy will now have been reset.
5) Exit the game and change that 1 back to 0 in your config.cfg, otherwise it'll reset every time you start the game.
How to reset the game economy using the in-game console:
1) Go to My Documents\Eurotruck Simulator 2 or My Documents\American Truck Simulator and find your profile
2) Open the config.cfg in the profile folder and open with Notepad/WordPad
3) Look for uset g_developer "0"
4) Look for uset g_console "0"
5) Change the "0" to a "1"
6) Save the file (NOT save as)
7) Load your game and profile
8) Press ` key
9) Type in "uset g_force_economy_reset "1"
10) Save your game and exit
11) Reload the game and your recent saved profile
12) Open the console by pressing the ` key and pressing the up arrow
13) Repeat step 9 but change the "1" to a "0"
14) Repeat Step 11, 12 & 13
15) You should now get the "Game change detected" message
16) Your economy should now be reset


Please notice that all these fixes are temporary and there is no permanent solution.


Kind Regards,

TruckersMP Support

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I have also tried going into my ETS2 file, profiles but nothing is in the folder to change.


Once I open my profile folder, there is nothing inside of it. Also, i don't have a garage to teleport and I cannot sleep


None of the above works

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Hello There!


Your topic has been inactive for 3 days since the last reply.
Because of inactivity, I will have to move this topic to Inactive Topics.
If you still have any questions about this, feel free to DM me or our support team members, we will open this again.
Thanks to all for participation!


//Locked and Moved to Inactive

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