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Player List Sorting System

Player List Sorting System  

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Suggestion Name: Player List Sorting System

Suggestion Description: I think the Player List [Tab] should be rework so that everyone is able to customize their own player lists [Tab] in a way that they can choose to automatically sort the players in the list either by the following:

1. Name - This is really useful especially when in large convoys or congested areas. For example, if you sort the player list by name, then everyone with the same name prefix as you like in my case, [TPH], everyone with the [TPH] on their TMP Name will be listed together so it is easier to keep track of and count and make sure no one is left behind or too far ahead.

2. Player Tag - Same use as with the name as explained above, but this time, with the changeable in-game player tags.

3. Ping - This way, you could see who has the highest and the lowest ping. Could be many reasons why you'd like to see so.

4. Distance - This is also VERY useful for basically everyone. You'd like for it to be able to sorted from nearest to furthest or vice-versa so you'd be able to know how near and/or far you are from the nearest/furthest player from you.

Any example images: Unfortunately, I did not have the time to make examples of this but the principle is simple and basic. It's basically a sorting system for the Player List [Tab] like what you see in Windows' FIle Explorer.

Why should it be added?: As already explained above, this would be VERY useful to everyone from players, convoy control vehicles, game moderators, staff, pilot vehicles, convoy tail vehicles, convoy leader vehicles,  and basically everyone.



I thought of this earlier while in the May 26, 2019 Official TruckersMP Convoy. It was really hard to find and see how far you are from the person in front of you and to find where your other teammates, co-employees, co-truckers, or whatever you want to call it. Hope this gets added soon enough. Also please do take note that this system would only be effective if it sorts the list AUTOMATICALLY to what the player set it to sort to whenever someone pops up or disappears from the list instead of always having to refresh it because that just defeats its own purpose in the first place.

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Hello [TPH] iNadeox,


Thank you first of all for your time to create a suggestion, and I apologise for the delayed answer. 

We actually already have plans to implement something like this, and this is 100% possible to be implemented. 



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