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Botranktir - open source Discord bot

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Hello truckers and developers!


As you may know, we have not shared any source code so far with the exception of the library for the work with our API. We present to you our new Discord bot - Botranktir, our first project that is completely open source under the MIT license and is used for reaction roles.

Of course, the bot does not contain any secret magic that we are using for our other projects (sorry). In fact, that is why some things seem to be done rather quickly (for example the SQL file for creating the database schema). However, now it is the time when you can shine. Feel free to create pull requests if you believe you can improve some parts, and we will take a look at them!


Also, open sourcing the bot means you can use it completely on your own. We have added the README file with all instructions on how to use the bot and set it up. But remember to follow the license.


It may not look like the bot cannot do much at the moment. However, it fulfills our requirements since it is running on our server and it is also highly optimized. It works with the local storage of the bot instead of constantly connecting to the database when the user reacts to a message.


We look forward to your pull requests!

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