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Display Tag length limit

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Suggestion Name: Display Tag length limit

Suggestion Description: Basically currently there is a tag limit but it is not visible to everyone, so when you have a tag that is too long it will not display all of it next to your username in-game but in the tab menu it gives no indication that you have gone over the limit and so you cannot know weather your tag will be properly displayed to everyone on the server (unless you have a friend that can take a picture of you with your username and tag or tell you what is cut off etc). So basically there will be a number that will be your character limit, when you type out your tag you won't be able to go beyond what the tag character limit is. (At the moment you can type as much as you like in the box and it will not tell you if it's too long or not or if it will display correctly).

Any example images: heSYIlP.jpg 

No indication whether you have gone over the limit of what can be displayed to everyone in-game, you can type a pretty long tab in the box but it doesn't tell you if it's too long

Why should it be added?: It should be added so that if I want to put TruckersMP Staff in my tag along with my twitch link I will be able to know that it will display both correctly or not. 

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