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I was reading the requirements for becoming a game moderator and found out some illogical things. It says that if you want to become a moderator you can not have been banned in past 12 months. From my perspective I think this is kinda stupid. If the player is enjoying this game so much he can play even 4 hours or more a day so it is naturally that he can make mistakes. It should be looking into the players behaviour and play time, not only into the bans. You can just create new account, do not play and wait 12 months and after this aspire to the game moderator?! This is stupid for me. The rules shouldn’t be so strict it should be more flexible and sometimes should make an exception. What do you think?

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Dear johnas2,


Since you are looking for an answer to a question you have asked here today on the forums, I'll be moving your topic to the help section where we can get you quick and efficient help where he replies are moderated ensuring a high quality response will always be given.


//Moved to Help


Now, in my opinion, the 12 month period after banning is completely understandable. People have played this mod since the start and never received a ban. Following speed limits, and traffic rules, is a very good way of making sure you do not make mistakes. 

Believe it or not, a GM will not ban you for no reason. If you lag, for example, and it's not your fault, it's taken into consideration, but if you intentionally rule break, then you will get punished.

If you drive fast, 100+ km/h, or drive in really populated areas, then you dramatically increase the chance of making a mistake.


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Hey mate,


As the requirements show, they look for a lot more than just 'not being banned in the last 12 months' - however, this specific requirement is important for them to be able to judge your behavior and ability to follow the rules. The requirement for this is strict, and always have been as the role of a Game Moderator is one with high responsibility, as with any role within the team. Having been banned (or not) in the last 12 months shows them your kind of behavior and attitude towards the rules, both important elements that are considered during recruitment. 


You mention 'you can just create new account, do not play and wait 12 months and after this aspire to the game moderator' - this isn't the case. Having bans in the last 12 months is one of multiple requirements that they look for, and not the only thing that is considered when people apply for the role. Of sorts, this is just a baseline requirement to ensure that they're recruiting the best people, with knowledge of the mod/game and a proven record of being able to follow the rules. Anyone can aspire for any role within the team, but it's what they do and whether they meet the requirements that ultimately determines whether that aspiration turns into reality.

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