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How to synchronize your Logitech Driving Force GT (Racing Wheel)

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Hey Guys,

here is a short manual how you reach a 1 to 1 synchronization with your Logitech Driving Force GT in ATS and ETS

I'm using Win 10 and this is the best and i think only way to get an 1 to 1 synchronization


When you play the first time:

  1. Start the Logitech Profiler (if you don't have it yet please googel for it. It's a free download)
  2. Click on "Profile" then on "'New" and Name your Profile (for example: ETS2)
  3. Click on "Option" then on "Global device settings"
  4. Important: In the Area "Driving wheel settings" set the "Rotation range" to 900
  5. Set the "Forced feedback settings" as you wish to. For the "Power of Rear shock" i recommend 35%
  6. Click "ok" on the top right
  7. Important: Close the Logitech Profiler completly! Say "ok" on the Popup
  8. Start your Game

Your game shoud be running good and perfekt synchronize with your Driving Dorce Wheel


Everytime else you start your game:

  1. Be sure that your Lofitech Profiler was running for a short time (a few seconds are enough). I recommend to put it into your autostart folder
  2. Stop the Logitech Profiler running
  3. Start your Game


Indeed this seems to beo tho only way that your Driving Forchre Gt takes the settings from the Logitech Profiler (wich is very important for the 900 degrees rotation range) and synchorinize it 1 to 1 with your game.

I hope this helps you a little bit. Enjoy your Game


(You can find this Manaul also in the German section "Hilfe->Anleitung->Ingame"

Ihr findet dies Anleitung auch im deutschen Bereich "Hilfe->Anleitung->Ingame")

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