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[Resolved] A problem with starting the Multiplayer



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Solution: If "core_ets2mp.dll" does not work for some reason, the above error will occur. Usually, this happens when you try to start a program update, and the game is still running in the background.

           First check if the ETS2 process is running in the background. If yes, please stop and try again. If this doesn't work, delete "core_ets2mp.dll", reopen the launcher and download the file again

           File path: C:\ ProgramData \ TruckersMP

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Thank you for using the help section of this forum 


A topic about the same issue has already been solve, i encourage you to follow the link below : 



Good luck,


ps: if after try this it continues to send you that message, please contact the support ( and send them your issue, if you try to repair tell it too ... ) : https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets 


Be safe on the road

RideSafe & Enjoy !

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Hello @SkyMas7er23


Please dont forget to let us kow when your Problem has resolved.;)

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