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  1. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Hot topic #13: ETS and ATS 1.34

    I really like the update. I was waiting pretty long for the TGX Euro 6 because MAN seemed so empty in ETS2. There just wasn't much variety. However, now, with the new TGX we at least have one more truck and more customisation. Now I'm only waiting for the new Renault to be released! ~ MrJonton01
  2. MrJonton01 [GER]


    Steam sollte eigentlich automatisch das Spiel updaten, wenn du aus der Beta ausloggt bist. ~ MrJonton01
  3. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Can't start ETS2 MP (TruckersMP-Cli) On Linux

    Hey! As already said, TruckersMP doesn't support Linux natively. Others may be able to get TMP running on Linux, but this is through other methods and programs, however it's not guranteed to work. You will probably need to try different programs or maybe even other Linux distributions to get TruckersMP to work. However, TruckersMP is then not responsible for errors and bugs that happen. ~ MrJonton01
  4. MrJonton01 [GER]


    Dann versuche einmal bitte TruckersMP komplett neu zu installieren und bei der Installation nochmal drauf zu achten, den richtigen Dateipfad auszuwählen (Entweder C:\... oder D:\...), an dem dein Spiel installiert ist. Aus irgendeinem Grund müssen nämlich irgendwo noch "Überreste" einer alten Version des Spiels rumliegen, die von TruckersMP ausgelesen werden und du deshalb die Fehlermeldung bekommst. ~ MrJonton01
  5. MrJonton01 [GER]

    best cpu

    Hey! I know I'm a bit late, but I would go with neither. There are better options than those two. I personally would go with a AMD Ryzen 5 2400g if you currently dont have a GPU/graphics card or plan on upgrading. If you already have a GPU/graphics card, then I would go with a AMD Ryzen 5 1600. Those are way better options than a i3-6100 or AMD FX-4300 and cost about the same (at least in my country) ~ MrJonton01
  6. MrJonton01 [GER]


    Hey! Dies ist ein Fehler von TruckersMP. Soweit ich weiß, hat meistens das neuinstallieren von TruckersMP geholfen, jedoch hast du gesagt, dass du das bereits mehrmals versucht hast, richtig? Hast du eventuell zwei Speichermedien in deinem PC (SSD, HDD), wo auf einem von den beiden eine alte Version von ETS2 installiert sein könnte? ~ MrJonton01
  7. MrJonton01 [GER]

    you should have made closed alpha

    Hey! Did it say what load and trailer you have? When exactly did you get kicked? After already driving or when in the loading screen? ~ MrJonton01
  8. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Lag spikes

    Hey! I didn't see anyone asking about it, so I do it now: How is your CPU, RAM and SSD usage while playing? How much space do you have left on your SSD? It seems very odd that lags like this occur although you said that the game is installed on the SSD. To me it looks as if loading the map or other trucks seems to somehow cause the lag, but I think that shouldn't happen when the game is installed on the SSD... ~ MrJonton01
  9. MrJonton01 [GER]


    Hey! Wenn du mit dem TruckersMP Server verbunden bist und im Spiel bist, musst du TAB drücken und dann die rechte Maustaste, um den Mauszeiger freizuschalten. Dann einfach auf das Einstellungssysmbol klicken, dort kannst du dann den sog. player tag einstellen. Wenn du fertig bist einfach auch OK klicken und mit TAB die Spielerliste wieder schließen. Eventuell musst du erneut die rechte Maustaste (ohne das Spielermenü offen zu haben), um wieder die ursprüngliche Funktion herzustellen. ~ MrJonton01
  10. MrJonton01 [GER]

    World of Truck Job in DLC

    Hey! Did you already try to go to Settings > Online > Search and connect/select to all DLCs there? ~ MrJonton01
  11. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Game crashes when I travel or I autosave etc..

    How many profiles do you have? If you have multiple profiles, is one modded or save-edited? Are any backgrounds programs running (Anti-Virus, VTC program,...) that could interfere with TruckersMP/ETS2? Try closing all your background programs and see if it works. ~ MrJonton01
  12. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Game crashes when I travel or I autosave etc..

    Hey! Do you have this error only in Multiplayer or in Singleplayer too? Did you already try to start either the TruckersMP launcher or the game as an Administrator? (Right-click -> Run as Administrator) ~ MrJonton01
  13. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Can't launch ATS wrong update?

    Hey! The launcher seems to read some kind of wrong path or file. Try uninstalling the TruckersMP launcher completely and reinstall it. Be sure to select the correct path where your game is installed. ~ MrJonton01
  14. MrJonton01 [GER]

    The game crash when i travel or when it autosave

    Hey! Is this problem only occuring in Multiplayer or in Singleplayer too? ~ MrJonton01
  15. MrJonton01 [GER]

    Logitech G29 Key Assignment Problem

    All three solutions didn't work for me. It seems that there is a software issue between LGS and ETS2, but I can't figure out where and how to fix it. For me, the problem exists in SP too. Other games work perfectly fine (that's why I think it's a issue of the Macro software). I didn't try the wheel on another computer, because I do not have the opportunity right now. I've reinstalled LGS a lot of times, but sadly no changes. Yes, drivers are updated to the newest version. ~ MrJonton01