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DLC parts on mp skoda

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Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2

Mod Version:
Controllers Used: PS4 controller
Description of Issue: You can put DLC parts on the skoda wheels and tires.
How to reproduce: 
- Install a dlc that has tire parts (eg. Michelin pack)
- Go and shop for a skoda
- Customize the skoda's wheels with the dlc parts
Screenshots / Videos:
Print screen of the car in shop (i've not left the shop with this car)

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Guest Anriandor



While this is technically possible, the rules still prohibit certain things under §3.3 so that you would be limited anyway. That something can be done does not mean you have to do it. That it is not blocked yet does not give you a free ticket to do it. In fact, it would even be bug abusing but that would not fall under §2.1, though.


The topic is now approved and it will hopefully be looked into in the future.



Kind regards,


TruckersMP Community Manager




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I am aware that it is bannable, only checked after posting, but to be honest i would've expected it to be not allowed and that's why i posted it (as it's still better to prevent than to cure).

Like stated on the original report, I didn't buy it / leave the store; the only thing i did was try to put them on there in the same way as we can put the police paint on there (same story, can preview, can't take it out)

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  • Translation Manager



Please let us know if any of these bugs still occur for you. If not, please also let us know.

I will be awaiting your answer for 1 week, after that time I will be closing this topic.

Pillow | Translation Manager

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